August 2012 Report
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Ministry Report – August 2012

It’s been exciting and encouraging to see people from around the world seeking and finding help from God’s word. The chart below shows the countries actively using our web ministry resources in the 30 days prior to the writing of this report.

At the beginning of July we completed our 64 lesson study through the Book of Romans. We are pleased that it is being used daily in various settings where we trust it is helping individuals, people in group studies, and churches. Our desire is that it will guide them in reforming their understanding of God’s work of redemption, and the principles by which we all should live. We are currently publishing studies through Psalm 51 showing how David dealt with his sins relating to the situation with Bathsheba.

On Thursday nights our interactive discussions have been working through how God provides for our redemption. We reviewed the nature of God’s redemptive Covenants, and are now going through how Jesus Christ is our Mediator.

We thank those who are supporting the work of The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies with their prayers, encouragement, and finances. As we work together we are bringing the Gospel of Christ and the Reformed Christian Faith to the world. If you are not already, please consider supporting us financially to enable us to expand our outreach. Encourage your church to invest in this cross-field ministry to make its missions budget reach deeper into enemy territory drawing out God’s people, uniting them in the Kingdom of Grace.

Yours by grace alone: Bob Burridge (executive director)

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