2 Theology Proper

Survey Studies in Reformed Theology

Syllabus of the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies
Bob Burridge ©1996, 2006, 2010, 2016

Unit Two: Theology Proper
by Pastor Bob Burridge ©1997, 2010, 2016

Westminster Confession of Faith chapters 2 – 5

1. Knowing GodVideo
2. The Revealed Nature of GodVideo
3. The TrinityVideo
4. The Decrees of God Video
5. The Decree of CreationVideo
Part 1 – The Boundaries of the Doctrine of Creation (Part 1 PDF)
Part 2 – The Events of Genesis One (Part 2 PDF)
Part 3 – Beyond Genesis One (Part 3 PDF)
Primeval Chronology – W.H.Green
PCA Creation Committee Report
6. The Creation and Nature of ManVideo
7. God’s Providence: The Symphony of Everything Video part 1Video part 2
8. Special Providence and Miracles Video

Reading Assignments
Bob Burridge: This Syllabus on Theology Proper
A. A. Hodge: Commentary on the Confession of Faith ch 2-5
C. Hodge: Systematic Theology (Vol 1, Theology)
L. Berkhof: Systematic Theology (Pt 1)
W. G. T. Shedd: Dogmatic Theology (Vol 1, Theology ch 4-9)
Stephen Charnock: The Existence and Attributes of God
William Hetherington: History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines

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