The Ten Commandments

based upon the Westminster Shorter Catechism
by Bob Burridge ©2011, 2012

Introduction to the Ten Commandments
“Profitable Obedience” ReadVideo (WCF 39-40)
“Aware of Our Firm Foundation” ReadVideo (WCF 41-44)

Studies in Each Commandment
Commandment 1 “Faithful to the One True God” ReadVideo (WSC 45-48)
Commandment 2 “The Worship of an Invisible God” ReadVideo (WSC 49-52)
Commandment 3 “A Most Special Name” ReadVideo (WSC 53-56)
Commandment 4 “Today’s Sabbath” ReadVideo Part 1Video Part 2 (WSC 57-62)
Commandment 5 “Follow the Leaders” ReadVideo (WSC 63-66)
Commandment 6 “Valuing Humans” ReadVideo (WSC 67-69)
Commandment 7 “The Sanctity of Marriage” ReadVideo (WSC 70-72)
Commandment 8 “God’s Economic Solutions” ReadVideo (WSC 73-75)
Commandment 9 “The Truth About Truth” ReadVideo (WSC 76-78)
Commandment 10 “Wrong Desires” ReadVideo (WSC 79-81)

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