Lessons in the Westminster Shorter Catechsim

Index to Lessons Through
The Westminster Shorter Catechism

by Bob Burridge ©2011-2012

Questions 1-2: Why Did God Make Us?Video
Question 3: What Does the Bible Mainly Teach Us?Video
Question 4: What Is God?Video
Questions 5-6: Loved By the Triune GodVideo
Questions 7-8: God’s Perfect PlanVideo
Questions 9-10: Where Did It All Come From? (Creation)Video (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)
Question 11: Failure Is Impossible (God’s Providence)Video
Question 12: Special From the Start (God’s Special Providence)Video
Questions 13-17: The Day We Fell (our fall in Eden)Video
Question 17-20: Misery: Its Cause and CureVideo
Question 21: One Way to RedemptionVideo
Questions 22-26: Prophet, Priest and KingVideo
Question 27: The Difficult Quality of HumilityVideo
Question 28: Lifting Up the HumbleVideo
Questions 29-31 : Abducted and RescuedVideo
Questions 32-36: Redemption’s BenefitsVideo
Questions 37-38: Greater Things AheadVideo
Question 39-40: Profitable ObedienceVideo
Questions 41-44: Aware of Our Firm FoundationVideo
Questions 45-48: Faithful to the One True God (Commandment 1)Video
Questions 49-52: The Worship of an Invisible God (Commandment 2)Video
Questions 53-56: A Most Special Name (Commandment 3)Video
Questions 57-62: Today’s Sabbath (Commandment 4)Video Part 1Video Part 2
Questions 63-66: Follow the Leaders (Commandment 5)Video
Questions 67-69: Valuing Humans (Commandment 6)Video
Questions 70-72: The Sanctity of Marriage (Commandment 7)Video
Questions 73-75: God’s Economic Solutions (Commandment 8 )Video
Questions 76-78: The Truth About Truth (Commandment 9 )Video
Questions 79-81: Wrong Desires (Commandment 10)Video
Questions 82-84: Sin’s Extensive DamageVideo
Questions 85-86a: Faith as God Describes It (Faith: Part 1)Video
Question 86b: A Practical Kind of Faith (Faith: Part 2)Video
Question 86c: The Growth of a True Faith (Faith: Part 3)Video
Question 87: Repentance and Godly SorrowVideo
Question 88: The Means of GraceVideo
Questions 89-90: God’s Word as a Means of GraceVideo
Questions 91-93: The Sacraments as a Means of GraceVideo
Questions 94 (Part One): The Meaning of BaptismVideo
Questions 94 (Part Two): The Significance of BaptismVideo
Questions 95 (Part Three): Who Should Be Baptized?Video
Questions 96-97: The Lord’s SupperVideo
Questions 98-99: A Plan for PrayerVideo
Question 100: Directing Our Prayers to GodVideo
Question 101: Hallowing God’s NameVideo
Question 102: The Coming of God’s KingdomVideo Part1 -‎ Video Part 2
Question 103: God’s Will ‎ – Video
Question 104: Our Daily BreadVideo
Question 105: Forgive Us Our DebtsVideo
Question 106a: Lead Us Not Into TemptationVideo
Question 106b: Deliver Us from EvilVideo
Question 107: Glory ForeverVideo

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