No More Dark Trails

No More Dark Trails

Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies
by Bob Burridge ©2011

We appreciate having some kind of light to help us see where we’re going when it’s dark. People have used many ways to get light at night or in dark places. They have used torches, candles, lanterns, flash lights, flood lights, and many kinds of each. One of the great advantages of modern police and armed forces is their night vision capabilities. While the typical the enemy is blinded by darkness, night vision equipped forces can see where he is, and move in on him.

A few years ago there was a story in the Back To God Hour’s devotional booklet Today about a missionary in the Philippines who lost use of his headlights on his way home late one night in is old Jeep. He said, “Leaning out the side doors, we made it home by the dying beams of a couple flashlights.”

God’s word often uses light to teach about seeing our way in moral darkness.

Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

God’s information and comfort are there to guide us along the right path. In our fallen condition we’re unable to see the dangers or to recognize them effectively.

God gives us a powerful light in his word. It shows us what we need to know about moral dangers and warns us about the consequences of certain things if we do them. Without the light of God’s word we would stumble around morally and take the wrong paths.

Just having the light is not helpful if it’s not used. A Bible that’s never read won’t protect you from lies, deceptions, and temptations.

God’s word needs to be read regularly
A flashlight home on the shelf won’t help when you’re out on the road or away camping. God’s word needs to be in your heart and on your mind. You need to be filling your mind with it so that it’s there when you need it. You won’t have time to look things up for the first time when problems come along.

God’s word needs to be studied so that it’s properly understood.
This is why good Bible instruction is needed. Those God has gifted, and who develop good Bible study tools are the Lord’s provisions for his family. Those who claim to be Bible teachers need to be examined and approved by a sound church. We have the authority God gives to those he calls to office to help us discern the reliability of what we are taught. There are many who teach wrong things as if they come right from Scripture. Be familiar with what the Bible says so that you recognize the counterfeit teachers.

God’s word needs to be thought about and prayed about.
This is how you gain the ability to see the path it lights up for you. The Bible needs to be applied personally and practically. Let the light shine on your path, on the things you’re doing or dealing with, and think about what the light of the word shows you.

Though it doesn’t show us everything, it shows us what we need to know to make wise and godly decisions to the best of our ability for the glory of God. That is what we are created and redeemed to do. That is why God gave us his word and opens our hearts by the power of Christ so we can live by it.

(Note: The Bible quotations in this article are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted.)

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