Lesson 5 – The Decree of Creation

Survey Studies in Reformed Theology

Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies
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Theology Proper: Lesson 5 – The Decree of Creation (video)
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God’s Decree and the Interpretation of Genesis One
(Westminster Confession of Faith IV:1)

Lesson Index

Part 1 – The Boundaries of the Doctrine of Creation
This first chapter contains a description of the exegetical boundaries of the creation issue which limit the liberty with which our theological models may be constructed.

Part 2 – The Events of Genesis One
This second chapter is an analysis of how the material of Genesis one establishes the boundaries for our theological views and proposes a construct for consideration.

Part 3 – Beyond Genesis One
This third chapter anticipates objections to the view stated in the previous chapter and considers a few other portions of Scripture which give information about the interpretation of Genesis one.

Primeval Chronology – W.H.Green
This is a classic article by professor William Henry Green of the old Princeton Theological Seminary. Its an analysis of the use of the genealogies of the Bible for obtaining dates for the ante-Abrahamic period.

PCA Creation Committee Report
This report is provided for information. It summarizes the various views of creation considered by the PCA study committee and presents their proposals about the acceptability of various theories about the doctrine of creation. It does not necessarily reflect the position of the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies.

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