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Study 7. “Copying Errors in the Bible
Some discrepancies that appear in our English Bibles are clearly copyist errors. By comparing the thousands of existing copies we can pretty much reconstruct the original text with very little uncertainty. Copying errors have nothing to do with the accuracy of the original inspired text. (video 21:11)

“The Day We Fell in Eden” (WSC Questions 13-17)
“Misery: Its Cause and Cure” (WSC Questions 17-20)
“One Way to Redemption” (WSC Question 21)
“Prophet, Priest and King” (WSC Questions 22-26)
“The Difficult Quality of Humility” (WSC Question 27)
“Lifting Up the Humble” (WSC Question 28)

Unchanging Promises for a Changing World (Mark 7:6-9)
Prayers Answered John 14:13-14 Can we get whatever we ask for?

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