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Fact #1 “You are Worse Than You Think”” (Total Inability)
Fact #2 “The Cycle of Sovereign Grace” (Unconditional Election)
Fact #3 “A Grace that Succeeds” (Limited Atonement)
Fact #4 “Persuaded to Believe” (Irresistible Grace)

Westminster Confession of Faith 4:1 “Free Will
man’s “will” defined, the concept of freedom, the states of man’s moral nature
Westminster Confession of Faith 4:2 “Effectual Call
God’s irresistible call, election, Lapsarianism, reprobation, “Common Grace”
Westminster Confession of Faith 4:3 “Justification
judicial innocence, sanctification, Dispensationalism

Recently Updated Article: “The Baptism of Jesus Examined Matthew 3:12-17
It may not have been done for the reason many have assumed.

Iterative Reformation, Back to the Standard, Reforming Ourselves,
Reformation and Toy Soldiers, What Is Reformed Theology?

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