Original Songs and Poems

Original Songs and Poems

A Child With a Child (audio) by Bob Burridge ©1991
This song is about the struggle of a teen girl who had a baby while single and was abandoned by her family. It’s based upon a true case of someone who was counseled and decided not to abort her baby. She found great hope in Christ and a new start on life with her precious little one and encouraging Christian friends. This song is related to the article, “Valuing Those Not Yet Born”“.

A King Was Born That Day (audio) by Bob Burridge ©1991
This song was written to go with “The Truth About Christmas” studies.

When You Live in the Home of the Lord (audio) by Bob Burridge ©1993
This song was written one year after our home in Pinellas Park, Florida was totaled by a tornado in October of 1992. In God’s providence I had prepared in advance a sermon on Psalm 91 which I delivered the day after the storm. That passage from God’s word was an amazing comfort to us and others in our congregation who also lost their homes. This song is based upon the encouragement of that Psalm.

It’s Another Sunday Morning (audio) by Bob Burridge ©2007
This song is about the centrality of worship on Sundays.

Where is the Kingdom? (video)
Where is the Kingdom? (audio)
by Bob Burridge ©2007 A song for Palm Sunday

Seeing It Done
Aware that God is There
Anxiety’s Cure
Pray Each Day

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