Paul Brings Good News to Athens

Paul Brings Good News to Athens

by Pastor Bob Burridge ©2014

As Paul waited for Silas and Timothy to join him in Athens, he took the opportunity to explain the gospel both to the Jews in the Synagogues, and to the Gentiles in the market place. He was invited to address the philosophers at the Areopagus to explain his teachings. Paul didn’t hesitate, though their interest was obviously just a vain curiosity.

Part 1 — First Impressions in Athens — Acts 17:16-18
Part 2 — Teaching Fallen People — Acts 17:19-23
Part 3 — Telling About Our Sovereign Creator — Acts 17:24-29
Part 4 — Responsible to a Holy God — Acts 17:30
Part 5 — Coming Judgment — Acts 17:31-34

This series of studies helps us to understand how to introduce the Gospel of Christ to those who have little or no background in what the Bible teaches.

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