Twin Lakes Fellowship 2012

Twin Lakes Fellowship Report

(April 28, 2012 by Bob Burridge, executive director)

This past week (Monday through Thursday) I attended the Twin Lakes Fellowship hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi (PCA). It was held at their beautiful Twin Lakes Conference Center in Florence, Mississippi.

We were all well fed both in body and soul. The hospitality was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was eager to make our stay comfortable and relaxing.

The sessions of worship, seminars and reports were edifying and informative. The more than 200 attenders sang with power and conviction as we joined together in appropriate hymns of our historic faith. Among the speakers and presenters we heard from Ligon Duncan, Carl Robbins, Terry Johnson, Doug Kelly, Sean Lucas, Nate Shurden, Elbert McGowan, Derek Thomas, and Reddit Andrews.

It was an honor to meet others who are leaders in various churches and ministries. It helps to get the perspective of others as they labor in different ways to advance the Kingdom of Grace.

My thanks to Grace Community Presbyterian Church of Palm Harbor, FL, and Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Seminole FL for their help in funding my trip to the conference. I also thank those at for their work in getting great rack cards designed, printed and delivered for our display table at the conference. We were able to distribute them to all attenders when introductions took place on the first full day of sessions.

Dominic Aquila and Bob Burridge
sharing contact information

My work station in the meeting hall
It was nice to have good wifi
and plenty of power outlets.

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