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There are web ministries which are primarily dedicated to making classic Christian books available over the Internet. Most of the classics are no longer under copyright restrictions so the works are available for free. Among those with large free libraries are the following:
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
CRTA: Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
The Highway

Bible Research Software:

These tools create an entire research space on your computer with various translations, commentaries, dictionaries, maps and more.

Logos Bible Software: This is one of the best Bible study resources. The basic version is free and is available for all computer platforms and mobile devices. You can also buy up to a whole seminary size library to add to it if you want to invest some money in excellent resources.
e-sword An easy to use Bible research system. Basic resources are available at no cost. You can add purchased reference works if you want them. The e-sword panel gives you access to commentaries, translations, dictionaries, and other references. It is also available from the app stores for mobile devices.
Bible Desktop An open source study tool which runs on almost all computers
BerBible A free Bible available in many different translations.

The following works marked * come free with e-sword and other research software packages


On-line Commentaries:
John Calvin’s Commentaries *
Matthew Henry (Complete) *
Jamieson, Fausset & Brown *
Robert Haldane Commentary on Romans
Luther on Galatians
Available bound and digital:
– Baker New Testament Set by Hendriksen & Kistemaker (can be added to Logos)
– Reformation Study Bible (edited by R. C. Sproul)

Background & Word Study Resources:

– Reformation Study Bible (edited by R. C. Sproul)
– International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE)* : [interactive], [PDF]
Easton’s Bible Dictionary *
Fausset’s Bible Dictionary *
The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah* by Edersheim
The Bible History – Old Testament* by Edersheim
New Testament Synonyms by Trench * [PDF]
Old Testament Synonyms by Girdlestone * [PDF]

Reformed Theology:

Westminster Confession
Westminster Shorter Catechism
Westminster Larger Catechism
The Confesson of Faith (Commentary on the Westminster Confession by A. A. Hodge)
Genevan Institute for Reformed Theology
Charles Hodge: Systematic Theology
The Deeper Faith Rev. Gordon Girod (on the Canons of Dort)
BPC: Westminster Shorter Chatechism Project
W.G.T. Shedd: Dogmatics Vol 1
W.G.T. Shedd: Dogmatics Vol 2
Robert Dabney’s Systematic Theology
Calvin’s Institutes
Covenant Renewal at Gilgal by J. Robert Vannoy

Reformed Web Sites:

Genevan Institute for Reformed Theology
Bob Brubaker & his PowerBreak Podcasts
The Aquila Report
Institute for Nouthetic Studies (Dr. Jay Adams)
CERTA Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
A Puritan’s Mind
The Shelter (Francis Schaeffer Site)
The White Horse Inn (Michael Horton’s radio program)
The North American Reformed Seminary
Reformed Doctrine Blog

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