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In the mid 1500’s Geneva became a gathering place for those who wanted to return Christianity to its biblical foundations. Under the leadership of John Calvin scholars, ministers, and concerned students gathered to compare all they believed and practiced with God’s word as preserved in Scripture.

The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies was founded in September 1993 to continue that practice in our own period of history. It started as a weekly class hosted by a local church in Pinellas County, Florida. Our desire is to apply God’s word to our own lives and to the world around us. The Institute’s goal is to reform (reshape) our beliefs and lives to fit the mold our Creator has given us in his written word.
– It started September 1, 1993 as a weekly class hosted by a local church in Pinellas County, Florida.
– It expanded into a web ministry with commentaries, articles, videos, and audio lessons.
– At times the Institute has held live interactive video discussions on the web.
– In 2023 its resources were opened in over 60,000 user logins from over 200 countries.
– It currently includes over 500 Bible & Theological studies, and over 160 video and audio studies.

Statement of Faith

The Institute fully subscribes to the system of truth known historically as the Reformed Faith. That faith is expressed in the standards of the Westminster Assembly and the Three Forms of Unity.

In keeping with those confessions and catechisms, the Institute’s only standard in matters of faith and practice is the inerrant Holy Scriptures commonly received as canon by Christ’s church as it rests upon the Apostolic foundation (Ephesians 2:20).

September 1, 2023: 30th Anniversary of the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies

Iterative Reformation, Back to the Standard, Reforming Ourselves,
Reformation and Toy Soldiers, What Is Reformed Theology?

The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies is dedicated to the study and propagation of God’s revealed truth.

Our Executive Director

Rev. Bob Burridge, served as Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Pinellas Park, Florida from the time of his ordination with the Presbyterian Church in America in 1987 until 2010. He is now serving full-time as Executive Director of the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies.

He graduated with a BA in Biblical Literature from Clearwater Christian College in 1970 and earned his Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary, graduating in 1973.

Before serving as Pastor he was a full time Science and Bible teacher serving first for nine years at Skycrest Christian School in Clearwater, Florida, then for three years at Keswick Christian School in St. Petersburg teaching Science and Computer Programming. For nine years he also served as adjunct to the University of South Florida with the Center for Mathematical Services where he taught Science and Computer Programming. He also taught as an adjunct to Clearwater Christian College in the Education Department.

He has served several terms as moderator of the two presbyteries to which he has belonged, and has served on judicial commissions and as theological examiner for ordained men entering the presbytery.

He is the founder of the Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies which was established in 1993 to examine, teach, and promote the historic Reformed faith.

He appeared as a featured guest of Dr. James Kennedy on his radio program, of Rabbi Jan Breski on his television program, and Pastor Bob Brubaker on his Powerbreak Podcast.

Some of his major studies include:
– Commentaries: Westminster Confession of Faith, Romans, 1 Corinthians, Jude, 2nd & 3rd John, Micah, Haggai, Habakkuk, Psalm 51
– Commentaries with Video Lessons: Westminster Shorter Catechism, Galatians, Philemon
– Five Alone (the “five solas” – with video of each lesson)
– Five Challenging Bible Facts (TULIP)
– Lessons from God’s Universe
– A Consistent Bible (video series)
– Paul in Athens
– The Truth About Christmas
– Getting Right with God
– Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Heroes
– Outline Studies in Eschatology
– Creation and the Days of Genesis
– Bible Basics for Beginners and Young People
– A Plan for Group Bible Study
– The Holy Spirit in the Ministry of the Word

Some of his articles are posted on this website in the Articles tab.

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