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The Apostle Paul was being held as a prisoner in Rome.
He had been arrested for teaching about Jesus Christ.
A slave named Onesimus ran away from his master Philemon back in Colossae.
When Onesimus came to Rome he met with Paul and became a faithful Christian.

Paul was sending Onesimus back with this letter
asking Philemon to receive him back, but not as a returning slave.
Instead he should be received as a true brother in Christ.

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Video Lesson 1, Philemon 1-16 An Offender Becomes a Brother
1-3 Historic Setting
4-7 Appreciation for Philemon
8-12 Appeal for Onesimus, the former slave
13-16 Receive him back as a useful brother

Video Lesson 2, Philemon 17-25 Satisfying the Obligations of Another
17-21 Paul will repay any of his debts
22-25 Closing request, greetings, and benediction

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