The Sabbath Lessons

The Sabbath Lessons

by Bob Burridge © 2011

One of the most controversial issues that divides Christians today is their view of the Sabbath and how it fits into our present age.

Most fail to see how the Sabbath creation principle was used by God in the time of Moses in revealing important elements of his plan of redemption by the promised Messiah. Much of the confusion comes from not recognizing the way the Sabbath idea was used in that secondary sense and how the fulfillment of promises in Christ applies to the original principle and to the later one imposed only upon Israel.

What does the word “Sabbath” mean? Should Sabbath be on a different day than Sunday? Should we still obey that fourth Commandment? If so then how is the Sabbath to be kept today?

The lesson just added to our Syllabus attempts to look into these and other questions. Many of the biblical passages cited by those holding to opposing views are carefully studied to determine what they do say, and to caution us about what they don’t actually say.

Certainly this is not the final word on th subject. It is not intended to be. The Syllabus is designed to direct our study, and to call us to be critical of our assumptions as we examine God’s word which is our only true authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Lesson 5 – The Sabbath Day